i-tribe Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Making “That’s it!!”

We give form to the things people truly need.

We have what you need if you're interested in starting a service that keeps customers satisfied,
or if you want to come up with ideas for products using your own technology.

We believe that if you want to share your ideas with the world,
you need to truly look at things from the user's perspective and visualize concepts.

At i-tribe, our designers put themselves in the users' shoes while working with customers.
This process lets us shape ideas and create the "that's it!" moment for users and clients alike.

Guiding Principles

Thinking Together

Thinking Together

We emphasize diverse ways of thinking. Our clients are professionals in their fields, and our designers work alongside them to address issues and come up with new ideas. We use the discussion process as a means of refining solutions.

Featuring User

Featuring the User

We care about the user's feelings and attitude. No matter how good something seems on the provider's side, it won't amount to anything if users can't see the appeal. We are always aware that the user is the featured star, and share this awareness with our clients.

Shaping Idea

Shaping Ideas

Your ideas can't be fully expressed in words and numbers alone. We put our design skills to work in creating visual representations of your ideas. Your thoughts will become self-evident—easily understood at a glance.

Corporate Data

Company Name
i-tribe Limited
August, 2014
Board of Directors
Yasuhiro Miki (CEO)
Kay Amadera (COO)
Phone number
1-12 Kitahama-higashi,
Osaka 540-0031
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SPARS - Martial Arts Brand -

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